Custom Designing

Custom Designing

Among all the other services PIM can offer your business, we are most excited to showcase our top-notch design capabilities. Whether it’s an invitation for a small, intimate affair; or a more extravagant announcement on a national (or even international) level; whether you have a 3-month time line or a 3-day deadline; our team can help!


Our creative team is standing by to help you no matter what step in the creative process you are in from the first inkling of an inspiration to the finalized concept that just needs execution.


Get in touch with us to be paired with one of our designers who will custom-create a design that best matches your business, marketing and sales goals. They will have an in-depth discussion with you regarding guidelines, color scheme, text font, screen size, shape, etc.


You can reach our design team by email: or by phone: +1(646) 225-6666.

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